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Ballast & Reflector Compatibility Chart

Directions: Match the plug style of the reflector to the plug style of the ballast. Adapters are available if your selection does not match.

Ballast Has "To Reflector" Plug Style Note
Lumatek Common or Hydrofarm Available with one or the other
Galaxy Common  
Quantum Common  
Nextgen Common and Hydrofarm Ballast includes plug for each
Global Greenhouse Common  
Xtrasun Hydrofarm  
Phantom Hydrofarm  
Baddass Common  
Harvest Pro Common  

Hood / Reflector Has "To Ballast" Plug Style  
Yield Master Common  
Blockbuster Common  
XXXL Common  
Great White Common  
Radiant Hydrofarm  
Xtrasun Hydrofarm  
Mondo Hydrofarm  
Raptor Hydrofarm  
LumenAire & C.A.P. Common  
Sun System Common  
Adjust A Wing Common  
Econowing Common  
Cool Tube Depends on model  
Fresca Sol Common  
Cool Sun Common  
Sunspot Common  


Related FYI
Power Cords - All ballast use the same universal power cord plug that plugs into your standard house wall sockets in the 120V or 240V version. There is a slight exception to this with the Nextgen and Phantom ballasts - the end of the power cord that plugs into the nextgen and phantom ballast is unique - for all other ballast the power cords are interchangeable.