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I need to know the dimensions of this fixture please...I can't tell from the picture, but it looks like the socket extends beyond the reflector? The full length of the setup (including the socket) is most important. Thanks for your help... -Brian Grubb

The full length is 18" (the bulb stays 1" inside the far end). The socket does not extend lengthwise beyond the reflector but it does extend beyond the wings vertically. Vertically the height is 4 and 3/8 inches not counting when the bulb is inside and not counting the hanging brackets. -Greners Staff

How many lumens does this light produce? Also, how close can I place this light to my plants without burning them? thank-you. -Growing Bob

The lumen count depends on which bulb you install. For instance, a 125w Daylight or 125 Warm bulb will both give you about 7000 lumens, whereas a 200w Daylight will give you 10,000. As far as placement above your plants, it largely depends on the watt system you are using (lower systems can be closer, higher watts need to be farther.) Because this system is fluorescent, you can get it a lot closer to your plants because it produces very little heat. If you are ever concerned about your plants being too hot, the best way to check is to stick your hand at plant level under whatever light you have going. If the top of your hand gets hot, your light needs to be moved higher. Thanks for your interest! -Greners Staff

Do you need a ballast to run this or does it just plug into any 120v outlet? -HOOT

These lamps are self-ballasted- you can just plug the system in and run your grow cycle. -Greners Staff

What's the color temp of the included bulb? -Shawn

The bulb has more of a blue spectrum- it is intended for vegetative growth. -Greners Staff

how many lumans does the fluorowing ficture put out? -Pat

It is hard to give an exact output on this size bulb because it depends on the distance from the bulb. At 6" this light should produce between 4000-6000 Lumens. -Greners Staff

What brand light is this and whats the temp in (k) -grant.w

This is a Hydrofarm light and it is 6400K. -Greners Staff

Would the Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System 125W Complete be good for a 10x20" tray for clones? -Barrett

The Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System 125W Complete would definitely work, but I would personally recommend T-5 Lighting! -Greners Staff

Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System 125W Complete


Product Information

  • Comes with a 125 watt compact fluorescent bulb
  • Compact aluminum reflector
  • Will also accommodate 200 watt compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Includes RFDG Dew Guard
  • The bulb included is for vegetative growth
  • Full daylight spectrum
  • Includes cord set with long 15' power cord
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Weight: 3 lbs


  • Center of mogul to inside top of reflector (the shortest distance to the reflector) = 3 1/8"
  • Length = 18"
  • Width = 9 3/4"
  • Height without bulb and not including hook brackets = 4 3/8"

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