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Solis Tek 1000
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How many amps does solis tek pull on 1000 watt setting -Eddie

4.46A @ 240v and 8.92A @ 120v -Greners Staff

Will the Solis-Tek LCD Remote Control work with this ballast? -Ian J

The LCD Remote Control is only compatible with the Solis-Tek MATRIX 1000W MH/HPS Dimmable LCD Remote Control Ballast w/ built-in Timer which is a new version of the Solis-Tek 1000 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast. -Greners Staff

How many years is the Solis-Tek 1000 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast warranty? -george

The Solis-Tek 1000 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast has a 5-year manufacturer warranty! -Greners Staff

what plug style does this ballast have common or hydrofarm -scott biller

This Ballast uses the Common style plug -Greners Staff

Solis-Tek 1000 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast


Product Information


  • Dimming: SolisBoost - 1000W - 600W - 400W.
  • 120V/240V (90-260V) 
  • Metal Halide (MH) & High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamps
  • 2 power cords included
  • Soft Start Technology
  • Powers 1000w, 600w, 400w lamps.
  • Constant Power Factor 99.9%

Ignition Control™ – Revolutionary safety measure.  Whether you are powering up 10 units or 100 units of Solis-Tek Ballasts, the electrical draw is controlled by our internal software. Our software will ignite lamps at different times within 5 seconds with soft start technology in order to protect breakers from overloading.  

This is especially important for automated systems to protect against inconsistency in lighting schedules.

Connection Awareness (Pre-Ignition Checks) –  Solis-Tek units will not ignite without a complete and proper connection.  The ballast conducts a 3 second test of the connection circuit.  If the circuit is incomplete ignition will be prevented in order to protect the lamp.


-Open Output                  -Short Circuit

-Ignition Failure               -Thermal

-End of Lamp Life             -Overflow Current

-Over/Low Voltage           -High/Low Temperatures


*******5 Year Manufacturer Warranty*********

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