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like to know if this would be a fit for my mother room 4x4 space. -jason

For a 4x4 space we would recommend that you use the T5 2 foot 4,6,or 8 tube fixture. -Greners Staff

Will these lamps support an indoor grow and harvest? -Charles

You can compare them to the HID/HPS standard grow lights (the big light bulb looking ones) if you add up the wattage. Each T5 4' bulb is 54 watts. So an 8-tube fixture produces 432 watts. That is on the smaller side of the HID lights. With that setup you should not get the same results as a 1000 watt bulb, but you will have results and produce a harvest. You would want to switch from the T5 grow lamps to the T5 bloom lamps part way through your cycle also. -Greners Staff

These are for a plant room inside the house where we keep our non-hardy ornamental plants for the winter. They will be mounted on the ceiling between beams, a 29" space. What wattage should the bulbs be, how wide are the 4- and 6- tube fixtures, and how many will I need for a 10x12' space. The plants don't need to produce fruit or flower, they just need more light. Thank you. -Jacquie Thurston

The 6 tube fixture is 17.5" wide, the 4 tube fixture is 15.5" wide. For the situation you describe where you don't need growth or fruiting/flowering, just maintenance, four of the fixtures, hung long ways down the room should cover you. You can start with the 4 tube fixtures, then add additional ones if you can tell your plants need more light. -Greners Staff

What is the width and coverage of a 8-tube fixture? -andy

The width is 22.5" and the coverage is 4 x 4 feet. -Greners Staff

What is the weight with bulbs in place of the 8 lamp Sun Blaze T5 fixture? Will the Grow yo-yo hold it? -Linda

The Sun Blaze T5 8-lamp fixture with lights installed should be about 21-22 lbs. The Grow Yo-Yo is a great product, but it is made for lights on the smaller end of the weight spectrum as it has a maximum capacity of 22 lbs per pair. In this instance I would recommend the ProGrip Ratchet Light Hangers, which have a maximum capacity of 150 lbs per pair -Greners Staff

What are the dimensions of the 6-tube sunblaze ? -Dan

The dimensions of the 6 lamp fixture are 47.75" L x 17.375" W x 2.675" H -Greners Staff

How many watt bulbs do they come with? -tom

Each 4' T5 bulb is 54 watts. -Greners Staff


Anywhere from 3" to 7" away, the Foot-Candles at 3" are around 20,000 and at 7" they are around 5000. At low wattage the closer the better. -Greners Staff

What is the width of the 6 tube and what is the width of the 4 tube? -Larry

The full dimensions of the fixtures are: 2 Lamp - 47.75"(L) x 7.75"(W) x 2.675(T) 4 Lamp - 47.75"(L) x 12.675"(W) x 2.675(T) 6 Lamp - 47.75"(L) x 17.375"(W) x 2.675(T) 8 Lamp - 47.75"(L) x 22"(W) x 2.675(T) -Greners Staff

Which Sun Blaze T5 Fixture would you recommend for my growing space? I use a 48"W, 72"H, 18"D 4 shelf unit that I can either put 2 22x11 trays sideways or 4 of them lined up on one shelf. I plan to use two shelves for growing and the top shelf for storage -Vaughn

At 47.75 inches long, the four foot fixture will be too long for your space, unless you can adapt it for the extra space the cord will need. So, the two foot fixtures will do. At 16.5" wide, the two foot, six tube fixture will be ideal for that space. Given the incredibly low heat of the T5 fixtures, you will be able to use one for each shelf without super heating the plants above them. -Greners Staff

A 2 foot 2 tube should be fine for cuttings. How much power do they consume and is there a comparable 2' LED setup for cuttings? -the dude

A 2' T5 bulb draws 24 watts. So a 2foot 2tube T5 grow light fixture will draw 48 watts total. The Glow Panel 45 and Grow UFO are both suitable LED lights for cuttings. -Greners Staff

What is the total amount of lumens for the 8-Tube? -Matt

The 4'x8 tube T5 fixtures are rated for up to 37,800 lumens. -Greners Staff

Is the 8 tube Sunblaze VHO 8 lamp $219.95 with bulbs ballast and reflector? I need 4 do you have that in stock. I need it now, It's an emergency! -Todd

Yes, the Sunblaze four-foot 8 tube is $219.95. This includes Spectra Lux grow spectrum bulbs, and the ballasts are built into the fixtures. However you should know this is not a VHO t5, but rather a HO. VHO T5 fixtures use different bulbs and draw a whopping 95w per bulb with 75 lumens per watt, while T5 HO bulbs draw only 52 while providing 92 lumens per watt. T5 HOs are the current standard in flourescent grow lamps, but VHO fixtures are available. You can check out out our Solar Flare 120x VHO T5s here: -Greners Staff

What is the optimal distance from the Sun Blaze 2 bulb 4' fixture for growing? How many SQ FT will one cover at that distance? (hung Vertically) I have a 9'X 8' growing bed on a book shelve I need to know how many lights I need to hang in front of it and how far away does it need to be. -James Johnson

The optimal distance is between 12 and 18 inches for most plants, however this distance may need to be increased for broad leaved, shade-loving plants. The approximate space covered by a two bulb four foot T5 fixture is 18"x48", though the stronglest light is directly beneath the bulbs. -Greners Staff

I wish there was close up photos of how the cables are connected to light frame and also I want to know what is the exact dimensions of the fixtures you sell. Height x length x depth? -Dave

Ask you and you shall receive! I added the dimensions to the description (Before they were buried in the product questions). Now, as for the cord, and switch placement, the cord and switches are on the same corner, and with the switches facing you, they are on the left hand side. -Greners Staff

I need a t5 system to provide light to four standard 1020 trays on a work bench. How many lamps do i need for a 4 foot system? -Chris

Hello Chris, I would either go with a sunblaze t5 8 bulb or a quantum t5 badboy 12 tube -Greners Staff

I want to get a light for my Orchids that will sufficiently fit within my shelf that is 2' X 4'. Which size of Sun Blaze 4 ft fixture would you recommend, and about how high above the foliage should I keep the fixture? -Dwight

Either of the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 2,4,6,8-Tube would fit within your grow area, it just really depends on how fast and large you wish your Orchids to become. I would incorporate the fixture that you choose with Spectralux T5 VHO 6500K (Blue) 4' Fluorescent Grow Lamps and keep the fixture a continual six to eight inches away from your Orchids. -Greners Staff

Are the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 2,4,6,8-Tube's chrome wire hangers able to be shortened in order to keep the fixtures very close to the ceiling of my small grow area? -jason

The chrome wire hangers for the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 2,4,6,8-Tube only come in a specific length, but are very capable of being shortened by the use of a zip tie around the wire hangers pulling them together. For the highest light placement and most secure, mount the fixture directly to the roof with the use of our Sunblaze's T5 Striplight Hanging Bracket Kit. -Greners Staff

What is the width of the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 4- Tube, there seams to be some discrepancy? -jason

The actual width of the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 4-Tube product is 12.675", sorry for any confusion. -Greners Staff

I would like to use one of the 6 bulb fixtures at the bottom of a tent, horizontally angling up to get light from the bottom. Do I need to be concerned with the plant touching the bulb? Can the plants be hand sprayed for bugs with the light positioned as described above? Does Sun Blaze make a cover for this fixture? -Six

Currently Sun Blaze does not make a lense/cover for their product. The T5 fixture can be positioned how you have stated above, and have no issue with the plants touching the bulbs due to such low heat output. You can spray with the lights angled up, just make sure to clean the bulbs every so often to ensure maximum lumen output -Greners Staff

How much space will the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 2 -Tube cover? How many watts does this unit pull? -blue

The Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 2 -Tube will cover slightly more than 47.75"(L) x 7.75"(W) x 2.675(T) and pulls approximately 108 watts! -Greners Staff

What size fixture do you recommend for my 2' x 4' grow space and is this fixture able to be dimmed? -Maria

Yes, the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 8 -Tube is able to turn off its middle tubes if necessary. If you want your plants to grow to full potential I would definitely recommend going with the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 8 -Tube! -Greners Staff

Can you mix grow and bloom tubes with this system? -adam

Definitely! -Greners Staff

What Sun Blaze T5 Fixture would work best for my EZ Clone Machine -120? -jordan

I would personally recommend the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot -8-Tube as it will fit perfectly over the EZ Clone Machine -120! And you are able to power only half of the lights if necessary. -Greners Staff

What is the light coverage of a Sun Blaze T5 Fixture - 4 Foot - 2 -Tube? -Jamal

The light coverage of a Sun Blaze T5 Fixture - 4 Foot - 2 -Tube is 5' x 3"! -Greners Staff

Another customer asked about shortening the length of the hangers. I was wondering the same thing, but I bought the 2' 4 lamp and 4' 8 lamp nonetheless. I'm happy to say that it's quite a simple fix. The mount was easily unscrewed and shortened with a few basic tools ie. wire cutters, tape measure, and pliers. I was able to shorten it over half the distance. -James

Nice! Thanks for the heads up! -Greners Staff

Hello- do these only come with the 6400K or can they be shipped with half 6500 & half 3000? -Greg -Greg

Hey Greg all the Sun Blaze fixtures are shipped with 6400K bulbs from the factory. -Greners Staff

Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 2,4,6,8-Tube


Product Information

  • Fixtures include FREE Spectralux grow lamps.
  • Advanced reflector design offers excellent reflectivity diffusion.
  • White powder coated steel housing.
  • Wire cable hangers included with every fixture. Now you can choose to hang horizontally or vertically.
  • 12 foot power cord & on/off switch allows for easy operation. Eight lamp model features two on/off switches to run four lamps at a time if desired.
  • Louvered for cool operation.
  • Run on 120 volt power only.
  • Fixture includes the blue/grow lamps.
  • Daisy chain feature allows multiple fixtures to be plugged in together.
  • 92.59 lumens per watt.
  • 5-Year Warranty.


2 Lamp - 47.75"(L) x 7.75"(W) x 2.675(T)

4 Lamp - 47.75"(L) x 12.675"(W) x 2.675(T)

6 Lamp - 47.75"(L) x 17.375"(W) x 2.675(T)

8 Lamp - 47.75"(L) x 22"(W) x 2.675(T)

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