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Just curious... real easy to see the top (ceiling?) vent in the older model... does this one have a top vent? Thanks. -Rydzzz

Yes there is one top vent in the right hand corner of the tent. Two port holes on the right side one up top and one on bottom. Three port holes on the left side, two up top and one on bottom. There are also 2 small port holes on the back wall one at the top and one at the bottom for equipment cords. -Greners Staff

Is this a picture of the actual DR120 II Pro? -Bill Covolesky

Yes this is an accurate picture. -Greners Staff

Hi, can you run 8" ducting and hood in the Jardin DR120 II? Was going to run it together with a 120w. Will 4x4 trays fit in these or would I have to use 3x3? Thanks! Jesse -Jesse

The large port holes in this tent can fit 8" ducting. Most 4'x4' trays will not fit in this tent because the 4'x4' measurements are of the inside bottom of the tray--the outside lip is often quite a few inches more extended. I would recommend using a 3'x3' tray in this size tent. -Greners Staff

Can you use a 1000w light safely in this tent? -Gooty

Yes. You can safely use that wattage light in this tent as long as you make sure that you adequately cool/vent your light. -Greners Staff

This tent supports up to 65 pounds. Does it matter if you move the support beams on the top of the tent to both go horizontal? I plan on hanging a 6" air cooled hood and a 6x24 phresh filter, but need to hang them both going horizontally. The total weight would be approximately 50 lbs to hang. Can the frame support this or should I hang one vert and one horizontal? Many thanks! -Kewl G

Hello MR. Kewl, In the larger tents too much weight in the center or hung from the roof has been a problem. But for the DR120 is fairly ridged and has had little problems with supporting heavy weights from the roof. Most product under estimate there max weight assuming you'll try to go 10% over, so being 10% under you should be fine. at your service, Homer staff -Greners Staff

I was wondering if the dimensions listed are the actual interior dimensions and not the outer dimensions? -Damon

Those dimensions are measured from bar to bar on the interior, though it is important to note that there is very little difference between internal and external dimensions on most grow tents, given their lightweight construction. -Greners Staff

Does it support 6" ducting? -RICK MATTERS

The DR120 II's frame supports 65lbs which is generally more than enough for a light, fan and ducting. The upper ports fit up to 8" ducting. -Greners Staff

What would be a good reflector and light wattage to run in the DR 120 II Pro -Jake

600w with an aircooled reflector is perfect for the DR120, but if you ambient temperatures are low,k or you have proper ventilation, a 1000w is easily handled as well particularly with a CoolTube or Melonhead reflector. The radiant series and blockbusters are also popular hoods for this tent. -Greners Staff

Hello, I was wondering what is the quietest inline fan you can use for the dr120II? I need it to cool a 400w hps/mh, I also plan to have a goblin or elf carbon filter. Thank you -Jake G

I personally use the Sunleaves Windtunnel 6", though the 6" Vortex makes about the same amount of sound. They are the two quietest inline vans we carry. -Greners Staff

How much cfm does a 4x4 tent need? I plan on using an 180 watt LED lamp. Will the Sunleaves 4" (200 cfm) Inline Fan matched with the Phresh Filter 4x12" (200 cfm) work well with this setup? -Kc

Yes,the amount of cfm needed within a 4x4 tent varies drastically depending on what type of lighting you decide to use. Given that you will be using an 180 watt LED setup which gives off very little heat, the Sunleaves 4" Inline (200 cfm) with the Presh Filter 4x12" (200 cfm) should work perfectly! -Greners Staff

Do you have any tents that a 4' fluorescent light fixture will fit in? -KC

Yes, all of our 4' x 4' grow tents and larger will suffice. I recommend going with the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II Grow Tent though for best results and reliability! -Greners Staff

Can the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II Grow Tent handle a 1000 watt lamp? If so, how many CFM's do you recommend for ventilation? -Jay

Definitely! I recommend anywhere from 300 to 400 CFM's depending on your intake temperature. -Greners Staff

Can you please tell me what size ports the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II Grow Tent contains? -Sooner

The port sizes are customizable to fit any inline/ducting fan by tightening the port hole around the inline fan/ducting itself. No clamps needed! -Greners Staff

Will the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixture - 4 Foot -8-Tube fit within the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II Grow Tent, and will the tent support this fixture? -BuddhaBest

The Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixture - 4 Foot -8-Tube is 49.2" x 24" x 6.1" which will not fit within the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II Grow Tent(48"x48"x80"), but the Sun Blaze T5 Fixture - 4 Foot -8-Tube will fit perfectly as it is precisely 47.75" x 22" x 2.675" and the DR120 II will have no issue supporting this fixture! -Greners Staff

Hi, I’m interested in buying a Secret Jardin Pro DR II 120 grow tent. Since I will be travelling with this tent I need some additional info. 1- What is the shipping weight of the tent? 2- What are the shipping dimensions of the package? Thanks! -Sammy

This tent is 30 LBS and that box is 48"x 14" x 4". Once unpacked and repacked into the tent bag the size is closer to 48" x 14" x 14". -Greners Staff

Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 2.5 Grow Tent


Product Information is thrilled to offer you the next generation of tents from Secret Jardin: Dark Room II- everything you loved about the old Dark Rooms with several key improvements.

What's new?

  • 210D fabric has 2.5x tear strength and 3x the abrasion resistance.
  • Webbed interior fabric for better light proofing.
  • Increased light proofing to Level II.
  • Newly engineered corners- 3x more robust than old DR corners.
  • Hook-IT included
  • Black floor mat.

A Dark Room is the foundation of a completely self-contained indoor garden, featuring a lightweight, durable, washable interior reflective lining. The frame supports up to 65 pounds of lighting, ventilation or other equipment, and every unit has access ports that accommodate ducting or other equipment. DarkRooms can be assembled without tools, in minutes, by one person, and collapse just as quickly for storage.

Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 80"

  • Stronger and more durable than previous DR models
  • Portable, lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble
  • 8 total ports: 2 for extraction, 2 for intraction, 2 for cables, 2 for cool tubes
  • White Waterproof tray in bottom.
  • Strong, lightproof zipper
*This is from their Facebook page, we don't know when this will be available yet. Very neat though.

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