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What is the difference between the DR150 and the DR150II? -Mike

The DR150II has stronger corners, more durable tent material, and larger vents. -Greners Staff

What is the diameter of the intake/outtake holes in the Jardin tents? -Bryan Seamoore

It depends on the size of the tent. The DR150 II has 10" ports, while the DR120 II has 8" ports. Keep in mind that these ports can be sinched down from their diameters. -Greners Staff

Interested in purchasing the DR150II. Is the Sun System Magnum XXXL 6" Air Cooled Reflector to large for that space? Need space for ducting and fans and such. What ya think? -Tyler

We think and know that the XXXL 6" works amazing in the DR150II. Although you may need to put your carbon filter outside the tent. -Greners Staff

I'm lookin to set up a grow tent right of our sleeping area in an alcove. I hast to be light tight and stink proof. No kids involved but very light sleepers. Your Sunleaves fan- how noisy is it? Please get back to me. Thanks, Hank -Hank Alvarez

This tent can be 100% light tight and smell proof with the perfect adjustments and charcoal filter. The wind tunnel fan is quieter than most inline fans, and can be even quieter with a duct muffler. -Greners Staff

How well will a 1000 watt hps work in this tent? It that light too big or too small for this size tent? -greg

That is the perfect size, a 1000 watt or 600 watt bulb are both great for the DR150. -Greners Staff

What is the recommended lighting for this tent will a 600W work or is that pushing it with lumens per sq ft. Could I do two 600W in this tent? -Dana

Recommended lighting for this tent is a 600 watt setup or a 1000 watt setup. Either is good. If you wanted to do 400 watts then the DR120 or DR90 is better. You could definitely do two 600 watt lamps with the DR150 - for this we recommend lightweight reflectors like the Yield Masters or Artic Sun. -Greners Staff

Would two 400 watt lights be good enough for the dr 15011 the two light will be in one hood the large ajust-a wing hood -joe b

Two 400w lights would be awesome in this tent, however, heat may become an issue in some climates particularly with adjust-a-wing reflectors. I would suggest considering a single 400 or 600w light in a sealed air-cooled hood with T5 fixtures hung vertically for auxiliary light if needed. This set up should allow you avoid potential heat issues. -Greners Staff

Would two 400 watt lights be good enough for the DR-150II the two lights will be in a large Adjust-a-Wing hood -joe b

Two 400 watt lights would provide amazing coverage in a DR150, however given the enclosed space, you would be better off with an air cooled reflector so you can vent the hot air directly away from the lights and out of the tent. -Greners Staff

How much is the weight of the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR120 II Grow Tent and the weight of the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR150 II? -michael

The DR120 II weighs 31lbs and the DR150 II weighs 37lbs. -Greners Staff

What is the best way to suspend my 6" XXXL? I have the DR150II and it comes with 3 support bars. One bar is being supported by the other two right now where my hood is being suspended or attached to the one since it sits higher than the other two. Or would you suggest hanging the hood from the two that hang lower and leave the one that sits higher for support? -Alex S.

Yes, the idea of the two lower bars is that it prevents sag and distributes the weight amongst six points instead of two. -Greners Staff

Would two 4 inch Sunleaves inline fans (one for intake and one for exhaust) be good for the DR 150 II? I have (2) 400 watt lights in one hood. Heat is not a problem, I just want good air flow. -joe b

That would actually be an amazing setup. However, I would recommend running a few feet of ducting into the back of the tent to assure even distribution of air, and to cut the air intake's CFM just slightly to maintain a slight vacuum in your tent. However, if you are concerned about odor control and are planning on using a carbon filter, I would suggest going with a single 6" Windtunnel paired with the 6x24 Phresh filter. With this set up, you can simply open your lower vents and the resulting inverse pressure will draw plenty of fresh air in. -Greners Staff

Hello Greners, I would like to run the 6x24 phresh filter and a 6" wind tunnel and duct it through a xxxl hood to cool it. I'll be running a 1000 watt hps. My temps outside the tent are low 70's. Will this set up work with this tent, or will I need to cool the hood independently? Thanks your help. Josh -Josh

from my personal experience with 1000w systems it is always better to cool the hood independently due to the amount of heat generated by them -Greners Staff

i have the dr15011 i use a sunleaf inline fan for the intake what size fan would you recommend for the exhaust i have two 400 watt hps both are in the same hood the large adjust a wing they are the best hoods i have ever used thank for your time -joe

I would go with either a 6 inch or and 8 inch exhaust fan -Greners Staff

I have a 6" vortech fan for exhaust, what type of intake fan would you recommend for the DR150 or is passive intake sufficient? -CR

I actually have a dr150 in my home right now for some testing purposes, under a t5 the room is in it's low 70s and with passive intake an a 473 cfm exhaust fan, its staying at like 76-79, if your running 600w hps or higher a smaller cfm fan will be sufficient for intake. -Greners Staff

i wanted to know on a dr-150 the two small vents can they be open during light time? -robin

yes you can open them during day time but I would advise against free flowing air with out prefilters or some sort of smaller microfiber screen(if you want to go super cheap, a pair of pantie hose cut and duct tape to the right spots works as a filter as well(not a great filter) but better then no filter at all -Greners Staff

I would like to exhaust and filter the air from both the dr150 and dr90 using one fan\filter set up. I'm running a 1000 hps in a 6" xxxl in the dr150 and a 400 mh in a " radiant in the dr 90. I am independently cooling the 1000 hps with a 6" windtunnel and also independently cooling the 400 mh with a 4" active air. What size fan do I need to exhaust the tents? -Josh

I would exhaust with an 8" Fan - 720 CFM by Active Air here is the link -Greners Staff

Is the Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR150 II Grow Tent fireproof, light tight, and smell proof? -thierry

The Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR150 II Grow Tent is light tight and completely smell proof but is not fireproof. I would recommend getting a Flame Defender Fire Extinguisher which we have here on our site which would eliminate any chance of a fire arising. -Greners Staff

Are the access port diameters adjustable or will i have to buy reducers? -Heath

All of the access ports are adjustable so you are able to run any sized ducting with Secret Jardin grow tents. -Greners Staff

Does the DR150 II Grow Tent hold heat well enough in order to keep my grow space warm during lights out? -allGreen

The Secret Jardin Grow Tents are hands down our best overall tent, especially with light tightness and ability to maintain temperature. If you do find yourself having an issue with temperature, you may want to add in a small space heater or even heat your grow area by use of water and a heated reservoir/pump. -Greners Staff

What air cooled reflector would fit within this grow tent with excellent light efficiency and also be able to have a carbon filter within the tent? -derik

I would recommend the Blockbuster 6" Reflector with the Goblin Charcoal Filter! -Greners Staff

Would the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot -8-Tube be adequate for a 4' x 4' grow space? -John

You could get away with the Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot -8-Tube but I would personally use the Quantum T5 BadBoy Fixtures - 4 Foot -16-Tube! -Greners Staff

Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR150 2.5 Grow Tent


Product Information is thrilled to offer you the next generation of tents from Secret Jardin: Dark Room II- everything you loved about the old Dark Rooms with several key improvements.

What's new?

  • 210D fabric has 2.5x tear strength and 3x the abrasion resistance.
  • Webbed interior fabric for better light proofing.
  • Increased light proofing to Level II.
  • Newly engineered corners- 3x more robust than old DR corners.
  • Hook-IT included
  • Black floor mat

A Dark Room is the foundation of a completely self-contained indoor garden, featuring a lightweight, durable, washable interior reflective lining. The frame supports up to 65 pounds of lighting, ventilation or other equipment, and every unit has access ports that accommodate ducting or other equipment. DarkRooms can be assembled without tools, in minutes, by one person, and collapse just as quickly for storage.

Dimensions: 60" x 60" x 80"


  • Stronger and more durable than previous DR models
  • Portable, lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble
  • 8 total ports: 2 for extraction, 2 for intraction, 2 for cables, 2 for cool tubes
  • Waterproof tray in bottom.
  • Strong, lightproof zipper

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