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I have a Led for the bottom. Would you suggest T5 for the top and what type of package would you recommend to get this tent fully operational? Does this tent require dual ventilation? -joel

T5s are an excellent choice for this or any of the smaller tents thanks to their dramatically low heat. I would suggest a 2 foot T5 fixture with 4-6 tubes, as well as a couple of 4" inline fans for ventilation. The two chambers do require separate ventilation as they are separated by a special thermal barrier to keep heat transference between chambers to a minimum. -Greners Staff

What the weight limit per chamber. -jess

When stacked, the Dark Twin 90 and Dark Twin 120 have a combined weight limit of 65 lbs. When separated, each compartment has a weight limit of 65lbs. -Greners Staff

How well is light sealed between top and bottom? WOuld I have issues with light penatrating the bottow during lights off? Also what do you think of a AC 600 watt systme in the bottom? -Gary

The Light proofing in this product is amazing, the only areas of light penetration that I would be concerned with would be the zipper areas, but this can be countered by some reflective aluminum tape or Duct Tape, but as far as between the two compartments I have never seen or noticed any light penetration, a 600w setup would work just fine with this setup -Greners Staff

Does the Secret Jardin Dark Twin DR120T have enough structural support? What are the dimensions of each area within the unit? -Ryan

Each compartment has support for 65lbs worth of lighting/ventilation. The dimensions of the top unit are 48" x 48" x 23.6" while the dimensions of the bottom unit are 48" x 48" x 59.1". -Greners Staff

Is the top half of the Secret Jardin Dark Twin DR120T sold separately? -John

No, when you purchase the Secret Jardin Dark Twin DR120T it comes complete with the top and bottom compartments! -Greners Staff

Can a 4-foot T5 fixture fit in the Secret Jardin Dark Twin DR120T? -anthony

The Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 4 Foot - 4 -Tube will fit perfectly within the Secret Jardin Dark Twin DR120T! -Greners Staff

would a 4x4 flood table fit ok in this hut thanks -kevin

No, you would need to go to a 5x5 or the table would need to be 3x3 to fit. -Greners Staff

Secret Jardin Dark Twin DR120T


Product Information

 All in one grow station: Mother Plant, Propagation, Growing and Flowering. Allowing three possible configurations:

  • Propagation Top
  • Propagation Bottom
  • Independent side-by-side

Other Notes:

  • High light proofing--Level I
  • Mylar lined, highly reflective (95%)
  • Two culture spaces--removable
  • Thermally isolated panel between grow spaces.


  • 48" x 48" x 82.7"
  • Height Bottom: 59.1"
  • Height Top: 23.6"

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