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How exactly can Azos Nitrogen Fixing Microbes be used? -joe

This product can be used as a foliage spray as well as mixed in to your soil if you wish! Azos Nitrogen Fixing Microbes can be mixed into your current foliage spray with no issues and is completely organic. -Greners Staff

Azos Nitrogen Fixing Microbes, 6oz Bag


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AZOS, short for Azospirillum Brasilense, is a nitrogen-fixing super bacterium that can replace 50% of the nitrogen fertilizer required by plants. This highly-beneficial bacteria, simply applied as a spray after soil temperatures reach the 60*F - 65*F range, provides an eco-conscious alternative to synthetic nitrogen. The Earth's atmosphere is 80% nitrogen; AZOS take this free and non-polluting source and makes it available to plants. No longer is your plant confined to the soil for nitrogen intake, but now it can access it naturally, straight from the atmosphere!

AZOS works symbiotically with both your plant and MYKOS mycorrhizal inoculants, beneficially sharing nutrients and thereby reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

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