Hydroponic Supplies

CO2 Needs

CO2 Controllers & PPM Monitors

Use a controller with either a CO2 regulator or a CO2 burner to control the levels of CO2 in your growing environment.


CO2 Emission Regulators

For a smaller area you will use a CO2 tank with one of these regulators attached.


CO2 Generators / Burners

For a large area you will use a CO2 burner hooked up to your gas line (otherwise you have to constantly be refilling tanks).



CO2 Tubing

CO2 Tanks


- Sentinel

- Titan Controls

- C.A.P. Controllers

- Harvest Master

- Sero Controls

- Powerbox

- iGS / Plug n Grow

- Green Air Products

- Solatel

- PurGro GroBot


Points to Know

A) In a non CO2 enrichment environment plants can quickly use the available CO2 in a low airflow room. It is vital to keep fresh air moving around your plants so they have the CO2 needed to grow. If you can't bring in fresh air that is a good reason to use CO2 enrichment - or if you just want larger yields. 

B) Temperature & humidity together affect the ability of your plants to take up CO2 from the air and how they retain H2O. Temperature and humidity will be measured separately but you will want to control them in conjunction. Humidity affects the ability of diseases and pests to take foot in your garden.