Hydroponic Supplies

CO2 Regulators

  1. 1
    Titan Controls CO2 Regulator

    Compatible with Titan Controls CO2 Controller or other 120 volt controllers and timers. Precision Accuracy Flow Meter - .5 to 15 SCF/hour.

  2. 2
    Sentinel CO2-REG Regulator

    CO2 Regulator 120v Reduces the pressure of the CO2 exiting the tank, controls the flow of CO2 with a solenoid valve and regulates the amount of CO2 being released with a precision to 15 SCFM flow-gauge.

  3. 3
    Active Air CO2 Regulator with Timer

    Hydrofarm Active Air CO2 Regulator and Timer. Select between two models one for small to medium areas up to 10' x 10' (0.2-2 CFH) and one for medium to large areas 10' x 10' +, (1-20 CFH). NOTE: Not for use with CO2 controllers.

  1. 4
    C.A.P. Dual CO2 Regulator / Flowgauge - 0.5-15 SCFH

    Dual CO2 Regulator / Flowgauge - 0.5-15 SCFH

  2. 5
    Sentinel CO2-EXP Expansion Regulator

    Expansion Regulator-CO2-EXP CO2

  3. 6
    C.A.P. CO2 Regulator / Flowgauge - 0.5-15 SCFH

    CO2 Regulator / Flowgauge - 0.5-15 SCFH adjustable from .5 - 15 Cubic Feet Per Hour.

  1. 7
    20 Lbs CO2 Tank

    20 Lb. all aluminum CO2 Tank (tank is empty). Give yourself the best CO2 tanks available. The Co2 cylinder is produced from high strength aluminum alloy. These tanks are popular because they are not as heavy as steel tanks and do not rust.

  2. 8
    Titan Controls CO2 Inline Heater

    The Titan Controls® C02 heater was designed to prevent C02 regulator freeze-up and avoid cracking the internal diaphragm of the regulator due to high flow conditions.