Hydroponic Supplies

CO2 Controllers & PPM Monitors

  1. 1
    Sentinel CHHC-4 Day/Night Total Environmental Controller

    Controls: **cooling/heating** **humidity** **CO2** **Day/Night Settings**

  2. 2
    Sentinel CPPM-4 CO2 Controller with Photocell

    Controls CO2 levels with PPM accuracy; reliable, accurate and simple to use. Choose fuzzy-logic or generator mode. Remote CO2 and light sensor can be placed up to 16' away. 15A @ 120v

  3. 3
    Titan Controls Kronus 3 Dig Rem Day/Night Temp CO2 Controller

    This product controls: **temperature **CO2 **Day/Night Settings**

  4. 4
    Titan Atlas 1 CO2 Controller Monitor

    Digital control board delivers precision CO2 control. Maximize your CO2 production while minimizing CO2 or LP consumption.

  1. 5
    Titan Controls Kronus 2 Dig Rem Temp, Hum, CO2 Controller

    This product controls: **temperature **humidity **CO2

  2. 6
    Green Air Products CO2 Set Point Controller SPC-1

    CO2 Set Point Controller by Green Air Products Inc.

  3. 7
    Green Air Products CT-DH-3 Controller

    Controls: **Temperature** **Humidity**

  4. 8
    Green Air Products MCC-1 Microclimate Controller

    MCC-1 Microclimate Controller is designed to perform all the major atmospheric and timed functions required in an automated growth environment including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide enrichment, lighting and irrigation control.

  1. 9
    C.A.P. PPM-1c CO2 PPM Monitor

    The PPM-1c is an extremely accurate CO2 sensor. It measures the exact level of CO2 in your growing area and displays this value from 0 to 5000 Parts-Per-Million (PPM) on its' digital readout. Designed to connect a C.A.P. CO2 controller.

  2. 10
    C.A.P. PPM-3 CO2 Controller and CO2 Sensor

    The PPM-3 from C.A.P. is the most affordable and simple CO2 controller available. Its' proven technology is very accurate at measuring levels of Carbon Dioxide in your growing area from 0 to 5000 ppm. Just plug your CO2 device and it will automatically maintain the CO2 level that you specify.

  3. 11
    C.A.P. AIR-3DN - CO2, Temp & Humidity with Photocell - Day & Night

    Controls: **CO2** **Temperature** **Humidity** **Day/Night Settings**

  4. 12
    C.A.P. CO2-2e Timer Controller, PPM, Temp & Humidity

    Controls: **CO2** **Temperature** **Humidity**

  1. 13
    C.A.P. AIR-3 - CO2, Temp & Humidity with Photocell Controller

    Controls: **CO2** **Temperature** **Humidty**

  2. 14
    C.A.P. AIR-4 - CO2 Controller - Split Temp & Humidity with Photocell

    Controls: **Temperature** **Humidity**

  3. 15
    C.A.P. PPM-2a Fuzzy Logic CO2 Controller with PPM Sensor

    People who need the absolute best CO2 controller available today, use the PPM-2a from C.A.P. Brings the CO2 level up to the desired setting without over-shooting the desired CO2 level. It learns how your grow area uses CO2 and adapts to keep the CO2 levels constant.

  4. 16
    C.A.P. XGC-1 Extreme Greenhouse Controller

    Controls: **Lighting** **Temperature** **Humidity** **Water Pumps** **CO2**

  1. 17
    C.A.P. Complete Greenhouse Controller with PPM option

    *Special Order Controls: **Lighting** **CO2** **Hydroponic Pumps** **Temperature**

  2. 18
    Harvest-Master Pro Plus Climate Controller

    Calls you with an alarm condition or greenhouse status (for example: "intruders", "overheating", "frost", "low water", or the greenhouse status: Time, Temp, Humidity, CO2 levels).Item Code HM10008 (without CO2 sensor)

  3. 19
    Harvest-Master Pro Climate Controller

    Controls: **Humidity** **CO2** **Watering** **Nutrient** **Alarms** **Temperature** **Day/Night Settings**

  4. 20
    Harvest-Master Climate Controller

    Controls: **Temperature** **Humidity** **Up to 8 Devices or cycle timers** **Lights,Fans,Heater,Air conditioner,Humidifier,Dehumidifier,Water pump**

  1. 21
    Harvest-Master CO2 Sensor Upgrade

    Harvest-Master CO2 Sensor Upgrade

  2. 22
    iGS-061 CO2 Smart Controller

    Controls: **CO2**

  3. 23
    CLEARANCE 1 - iGS CO2 Day&Night/RH/Temperature Smart Controller - iGS-220

    Controls: **Humidity** **Temperature** **CO2** **Day/Night Settings**

  4. 24
    iGS-100 CO2 Controller with Auxiliary Shut Off Output

    An auxiliary output can be configured to defeat ventilation during a CO2 enrichment or venting process, Each output can be set to operate during the day only, the night only, or day and night.

  1. 25
    Solatel THP-100 Atmospheric Controller

    Controls: **CO2** **Ventilation**

  2. 26
    Solatel Plant Pro Environmental Controller


  3. 27
    Autopilot Digital CO2 Controller Fuzzy Logic

    Autopilot's simple to use highly accurate digital CO2 controller with "Fuzzy Logic" Technology!

  4. 28
    Autopilot Analog CO2 Controller

    The APCECO offers indoor gardeners an economical and simple method of monitoring and controlling CO2 within the grow area.

  1. 29
    Autopilot Analog Enviromental Controller

    Controls temperature, humidity and CO2 with a built in photocell which ensures that your CO2 device only activates when the lights are on.

  2. 30
    Blueprint Digital CO2 Controller, BDCC-1

    The Blueprint Digital CO2 Controller precisely controls a 120V CO2-generating device.

  3. 31
    Blueprint CO2 Controller, BCC-1

    The Blueprint CO2 Controller precisely controls 120V CO2-generating devices.

  4. 32
    Autopilot Digital Environmental Controller DEC

    Controls: **Temperature** **Humidity **

  1. 33
    Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller GMC

    Controls: **temperature** **humidity** **CO2**

  2. 34
    Blueprint Analog Atmosphere Controller, BAAC-1

    Controls: **Temperature** **Humidity** **CO2**

  3. 35
    Blueprint Digital Atmosphere Controller w/ Fuzzy Logic, BDAC-2

    Controls: **Temperature** **Humidity** **CO2**

  4. 36
    Blueprint Digital Atmosphere Controller, BDAC-1

    Controls: **Co2** **Temperature** **Humidity** **Night only devices**

  1. 37
    Sentinel EVC-1 Environmental Controller

    Controls: **temperature** **humidity** **Selectable CO2**

  2. 38
    Sentinel DEC-4 Digital Enivormental Controller

    Controls: **temperature** **humidty** **Day/night settings**