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I purchased a Grow Lab GL60 from you, if I am growing 4 plants will this filter be effective enough to kill the odor? I will be using an in-line 4" Can Fan for exhaust. -ronel

The Odor Sok should be enough to scrub odor from your tent, although if smell is a large concern of yours I would suggest going to something a little bit more serious. The next jump up would be with something like a Phresh 150CFM, or 200CFM filter. -Greners Staff

Hello, can this filter work fine in the following environment ? - Tent : GL80 - Output : Sunleaves windtunnel 4" 200 CFM - Intake : Active Air In-Line Booster Fans 6" 170 CFM -Evane

Yes, it would work perfectly, and would be what I would suggest. -Greners Staff

Odor Sok Air Filter


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Odor-Sok Air Filters are manufactured and constructed using bundles of microscopic activated carbon filament fibers.  The fiber width is controlled during manufacturing to be no greater than 20 nm. This allows for an absorption rate of the carbon cloth to be similar to that of a single exposed carbon particle. The air flow distributes evenly across the carbon with accelerated absorption and increased surface area. Odor-Sok Air Filters retain all the properties of traditional canister filters while using up to 30% less carbon.

  • Extremely cost effective.
  • Machine washable, resetting the carbon.
  • Lightweight, durable construction.
  • Compresses into almost nothing.
  • Effective with up to 99% humidity.

***Sizes Subject to Availability***


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