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Does the Phresh Carbon Filter 150 attach to the inline fan with a hose clamp? that why it has an 8" flange for an attaching to an 8" fan....where the vent pipe attaches to the other end of the fan and on to the Radiant 8" light? Thanks. -Richard Myers

What you said sounds right. The flange should be attached to the top of the filter. Then use ducting to attach the filter to the fan. You can either push or pull through the filter. It is recommended you put the prefilter on the inside if you intend to blow through the filter. Once you have attached the fan and filter together hook up your hood. I hope this answers your question adequately. -Greners Staff

how much static pressure does the filter add? -jonjo shelvey

We don't have quantifiable measurements of the increase, but the little change in static pressure by adding a Phresh filter will not hurt your system. -Greners Staff

I was wondering if using your 170 cfm eco boost or something like that inline fan would be fine for the 200 cfm rated phresh carbon filter for a room that is 2x2x5.25? -William Scott

These filters are designed to work with an inline centrifugal fan or squirrel cage fan. These fans produce enough pressure to ensure equal and efficient use of the carbon filter. Other types of fans (axial) simply do not have enough force or are not sealed in a the proper way to pull through the filter properly. -Greners Staff

If the carbon filter is attached to an inline fan (sunleaves 8" for an 8" carbon filter) should the fan be positioned to suck the dirty air through the perforatons in the filter, then, the clean air sucked out through the fan? Or should the fan be positioned in the opposite direction to blow the dirty air into the carbon filter and pushed out through the perforations in the filter? -Richard Myers

I t doesn't matter which way you use the filter. When you pull air through it, you get slightly more efficient air flow. If you blow through the filter you should move the dust filter from the outside to the inside. -Greners Staff

Are the Phresh Filters Temperature rated? Is there a temperature to high that can cause failure to the product? Realistic high temperatures I mean of course -Jake

Phresh filters are intended to be used at below 95 degrees F and 75% humidity. The temperatures and humidities above these will cause your Phresh filter to not last as long. This is mainly due to the carbon in Phresh filter absorbing more moisture at higher temperatures and humidities. -Greners Staff

Which Phresh Filter would be best for a Vortex 6" 452 CFM? I think the 6"x 24" because the CFM is slightly above the Vortex CFM rating. Am I correct? Or would the 6"x16" be ok. I plan on hooking the filter directly to the Vortex. Thanks. -Christopher

You never want the CFM of your fan be higher the CFM rating of your carbon filter. It would result in the exra air coming through not being scrubbed. So your right and we recommend the 6" x 24" 550 CFM. -Greners Staff

Im going to have a 4" sunleaves inline fan at 409 cfm for the intake to cool my hood. then Im going to have the 6" duct fan at 160 cfm as my exhaust. Which of these phresh filters do you recommend? -CMJ

Its best to match your fan with the closest CFM that above or exact to your fan. The 4x12" 200 CFM Phresh filter with a 6"-4" duct reducer would work best. -Greners Staff

I am interested in combining the 4" Sunleaves WindTunnel with the 6" Phresh Filter. How do I connect the 2 different sizes? -Kris

Adapting one size component to ducting of a different size is a matter of using the right reducer. We have every size reducer you would need here: Keep in mind that most inlets and outlets on ventilation units are meant to be connected by ducting, and not directly to one another. Often, if you find that a fan, filter or coupler will not fit directly to one another, the addition of a few inches of flexible ducting will solve your fitting problems; assuring a more efficient and effective system with dramatically reduced leakage. -Greners Staff

Hello, Which phresh filter would you recommend using with a sunleave 4" fan blowing air out of tent? I have a Secret Jardin 120, Blockbuster 6 reflector, and a 6" booster fan as an intake..A 200 cfm or a 400 cfm? Thanks! -David Taylor

I would suggest the 400CFM filter, as the 4" wind tunnel is rated at 200 CFm and odds are your 4" booster fan is pushing an additional 75-125cfm into the system. Exceeding the CFM of your filter will cause odors to push through the filter material. -Greners Staff

What is the flange in the filters for? Is it better to get the 33 carbon filter 38 special can or go with the Phresh Filters? -Jr

The flange is for attaching the filters to ducting. We suggest the Phresh filters as they weigh less with higher effectiveness, making them ideal for indoor grow rooms, where filters much frequently be suspended overhead. -Greners Staff

Would you recommend the 550cfm Phresh Filter over the 800cfm Phat Filter, for a 6" Bbaddass Blower? -Justin

Both will do a sufficient job of scrubbing, however the Phresh filter weighs much less, making it easier to manage or hang. -Greners Staff

Can I exaust my grow space through a PhreshFilter and then through a radiant 6 sealed reflector or will the moisture damage the light and reflector? What size fan(cfms)should i use with a 600w high performance grower grow light kit in a space 2.5'x6'x8' -jason

That setup is actually pretty common and will work fine. Make sure you fan is blowing into your hood, or esle it can suck odors into the hood, bypassing your filters. I would suggest a 4" or 6" inline fan from 200-400cfm depending on your ambient heat and the size / amount of plants. -Greners Staff

Will your Sunleaves WindTunnels 6", 409 CFM work with your Phresh Filters 6" x 16" 400cfm? -Mike

CFM output from a fan is greatly reduced with just a few feet of ducting, a bend, or the turbulence in a hood. As long as you have something between the fan and the Filter that will reduce the CFM this will be fine, but out best suggestion is the 6" x 24" with the Windtunnel 6". -Greners Staff

I have a vortex 6" fan that is like 450 cfm. Can I use that 400 cfm filter or do I have to use the 550. I really like the size of the 400 cfm. Thanks in advance. I bought all my gear from you guys. I had a couple issues and your customer service was awesome. I will continue to do business with you. -Brad

Everytime your ventiliation run hits a turn, a bottle neck or even just a few feet of ducting, your CFM will drop. While it is possible that your fan has enough loss in the ducting system to adequately reduce the CFM from the fan, the fact is, surpassing the CFM rating of a carbon filter will cause odors to blow through before they can be trapped in the carbon elements. It is always best to go big on your filter. Addition of a duct fan speed controller could also lower your fan speed enough to make the smaller filter useable. -Greners Staff

I have a DR150 and I use two Sunleaves inline fans. Both are 200cfm one for a intake the other one is for exhaust. What carbon filter do u recommend? -joe

For a 200cfm fan, I would suggest the 4x12" 200CFM Phresh filter or larger. Be wary when using matched intake and outtake fans when trying to remove odors, creating raised pressure in a grow tent can cause odors to escape out of the zippers and seams. -Greners Staff

I am installing a series of 5 8" Melon Head air cooled lights. What filter size will I need? -mark

Hello, you would need this size preferably maybe a little smaller 1700 CFM - 12" x 39" -Greners Staff

hi there, i was wondering how long your filters last given right conditions(humidity/temps). just so i know how many i should carry. im looking at 6''x16'' 400cfm -kris

Hello Kris, this information was pulled directly from phresh filters website, Q: How long will my filter last? A: Under typical conditions, with a clean pre-filter and correct CFM, a Phresh® Filter will last approximately 2 years. Use our Phresh® Filter calculator to determine the right filter for you. -Greners Staff

What is the formula to determine the size of carbon filter needed to be effective for your grow area? -mark

First, calculate the size of the room in cubic meters: Length x Width x Height in meters = size of room in cubic meters. Next, multiply the total size of the room in cubic meters by 25 to give you the air exchange needed within an hour. Up this number by 30% to allow for inefficiency. The figure you will then have is the air exchange rate needed per hour for your grow area. You then need to acquire an inline fan that performs this desired amount of air exchange. Once this is acquired, all you need to do is attach a carbon filter that is made for the exact air exchange as the inline fan you are using and you are good to go. -Greners Staff

How long do Phresh Filters last? -tim

If they are used with the correctly rated inline fan they are able to be used for over 2 years! -Greners Staff

I want to filter air going in to and out of my 3' x 3' grow space. Do I need to use a carbon filter & fan for each intake and exhaust? -gregg

I recommend using one inline fan exhausting from the top of the grow tent while you passively intake through the bottom of the tent. You must then place the charcoal filter either inside of the grow tent and pull air through it and out of the tent or you can have the charcoal filter attached outside of the grow space by ducting in which the inline fan is then pushing out of the charcoal filter. If you wish to have an intake filter I would recommend the Dust Shroom or Organic Air HEPA Air Filters! -Greners Staff

I just bought a GrowLab GL60 and a Sun Blaze T5 Fixtures - 2 Foot -4-Tube, what size filter and inline fan do you need? -John

I would recommend using a Vortex Powerfan - 4" 172 CFM with the Phresh Filters Odor Elimination 200 CFM - 4" x 12" or the Elf Charcoal Filter! -Greners Staff

If I ran an inline fan rated at 340 CFMs and used a Phresh Filter rated at 750 CFMs, would I get an extended amount of usage time from my Phresh Filter? -Dan

That is correct! You would get approximately twice the amount of usage time out of your Phresh Filter. -Greners Staff

My 165cfm inline fan is to loud at full blast. I have to turn it down almost all the way with my speedster, giving me probably close to 40-50cfm. Would my fan still work with a 4" 150cfm filter if it's only pushing 40cfm, or do I need something smaller? -Nick

Your fan will still work with the 4" 150 CFM Phresh filter, due to the pressure increase of pushing through the filter you may be running your fan at a 60 CFM setting but getting the 40 CFM output that you desire. -Greners Staff

Phresh Filters Odor Elimination


Product Information


Phresh filters are state of the art carbon filters that practically scour the air to make it clean of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odors. Compared to their competitors, Phresh carbon filters are half the weight, last twice as long, have the largest selection of sized to choose from, and are very competitively priced.

Phresh filters rely on the unique properties of high grade RC-48 activated carbon, found exclusively in Western Australia. These filters are currently being used in research labs, plant breeding, tissue culture, indoor gardening, backyard and commercial greenhouses. Phresh carbon filters are professional-grade system designed to meet the demands of serious hobbyists and commercial applications.

  • Aluminum tops and bases for reduced weight; half the weight of competitive filters.
  • 6mm (1.8") RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon bed.
  • Machine packed carbon means more carbon and less movement.
  • Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow.
  • Sealed, bagged, boxed and labeled directly after being manufactured for optimum life span, handling and presentation.
  • 51% open air custom mesh.
  • Unique “Anti Air Bypass” System.
  • Large selection of sizes available to fit any application.
  • Flange & prefilter included.

SKU / Flange Size / Length / CFM
701000 Phresh® Filters 4" x 8" 150
701003 Phresh® Filters 4" x 12" 200
701005 Phresh® Filters 6" x 16" 400
701010 Phresh® Filters 6" x 24" 550
701015 Phresh® Filters 8" x 24" 750
701018 Phresh® Filters 8" x 39" 950
701020 Phresh® Filters 10" x 24" 850
701025 Phresh® Filters 10" x 39" 1,400
701030 Phresh® Filters 12" x 39" 1,700

701033 Phresh® Filters 12" x 48" 2,000
701035 Phresh® Filters 14" x 39" 2,100
701040 Phresh® Filters 14" x 48" 2,500
701045 Phresh® Filters 14" x 50" 3,800

Total Unit Weight:
6" x 16" - 13lbs
6" x 24" - 20lbs
14" x 39" - 70lbs
14" x 48" - 75lbs

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