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I have 2 8" Active In-line Booster fans, and a blade broke off of 1 of the fans. do you sell parts like just the 8" fan blade? -Ron mann

Unfortunately we do not sell replacement parts for these fans because we are unable to get parts from our distributor. We would imagine that it would be a common size electrical part that you might find at a local hardware or electronic store. -Greners Staff

Hi, can the active air booster fans be used with a speed controller? -Leonard Neemoil

No, they can't. -Greners Staff

I need an inline fan that can operate in an environment that has high humidity. Will the 6" Active Air In-Line Fan be all right in those conditions? -charles

Yes, the Active Air Inline fans will operate just fine in high humidity environments. -Greners Staff

I was wondering if you could just use the booster fan instead of buying the in-line duct fan ?? -James

If the area your venting is small enough that you don't need tones of CFM then duct booster are a quiet, light weight and affordable solution. -Greners Staff

I want to run everything in-line; My filter >>> my sealed reflector >>>my inline fan connected with duct work of course. Can i not use an ActiveAir in-line booster fan? If I can, what size Phresh filter should i use with a 6" active-air inline booster fan 188cfm also can you recommend what CFM's i need to pull in a 2.5'w x 5'l x 8'h size grow space?,what a great site keep up the good work -jason

First off, unless your hood is perfectly sealed, you want your fan blowing into your hood . Sucking air through the hood can draw smells in through tiny air gaps, making your filter ineffective. Secondly, while some duct boosters do have a high CFM, they lack the pressure to utilize a carbon filter. Your best bet would be an inline fan. Our favorites are the Vortex and Windtunnel, however Active Air makes a very affordable and strong fan. It just tends to be a bit louder than some of the others. With you setup at exactly 100 cubic feet, I would suggest a 200-400 cfm fan to compensate for losses in the run. Any filter with a maximum CFM higher than your fan will work, but we like the Phresh Filters for their weight and effectiveness. -Greners Staff

Are the 6" Active Air In-Line Booster fan blades metal? -Matt Heyse

Yes, the blades of the Active Air In-Line Booster Fan are in fact metal and much more durable than other polycarbonate designs! -Greners Staff

Can the Active Air In-Line Booster Fans be controlled by a thermostat controller? -Pat

Most definitely, they are just not able to be used in unison with a speed controller as it wears down the unit very quickly and makes a loud humming noise! -Greners Staff

How long are these fans? (distance from intake opening to the other end) -David

The 6" fan is 8" long, the 8" fan is 9" long and the 10" fan is 10" long. -Greners Staff

what watts do the 6 and 8 inch in line booster fan use -louis

The 6in is rated at 25w and the 8in is rated at 54w. -Greners Staff

Active Air In-Line Booster Fans


Product Information

ActiveAir? Booster Fans can be mounted in-line with your existing duct work to increase airflow. Available in 6", 8" and 10" models. They are quiet running, are made with UL recognized components, and include an 8', 120v power cord.

Models Available:

  • 6" - 25W - 188 CFM
  • 8" - 54W - 471 CFM
  • 10" - 56W - 661 CFM

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