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active air backdraft dampers multiple sizes
  • active air backdraft dampers multiple sizes

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I use 2x passive intakes on my Secret Jardin DR150. If Placed one of these dampers at each duct port at the bottom of the tent would the negative pressure created when the exhaust fan was on, open these? My exhaust fan is 400 CFM. -Josh

Yes, placing two duct dampers on the intake ports will allow for them to passively open and close as your exhaust fan turns on and off! This is an ideal way of incorporating CO2 into your grow space! -Greners Staff

Active Air Backdraft Dampers


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These galvanized steel dampers prevent air leakage into your fan setup from the rest of your ventilation system. They are easy to install, fit directly onto the ducting, and prevent a back draft of air when the fans are switched off.

Available in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" diameter.

* Does not close completely when air flow is directed down

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  • active air backdraft dampers multiple sizes