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i need more air in my furnace room would a 4 inch can fan be good for that -roger

Hey Roger, With all fans you want to buy a fan that will have the CFM's to preform the task at hand. How many cubic feet is the room you are trying to ventilate? Height (X) Width (X) Length= Cubic feet. Lets say for easy math its 1,000 (CF). You want to exhaust a room 100% in three minutes or less. So for that room we would be talking about a fan rated at 333 cfm (Cubic, Feet, per Minute). Figure out the Cubic Feet of your room, divide it by three and that is the CFM rating of the fan you should get. Hope this help. Cheers, Bart -Greners Staff

Can Fans High Output


Product Information

Can-Fan brings its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The outstanding performance of its fans sets it apart from the competition.

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Fan Sizes:

  • 4" - 155CFM
  • 6" - 440 CFM
  • 8" - 737 CFM
  • 10" - 781 CFM
  • 12" - 984 CFM

Sturdy contstruction: Can Fans come in a heavy duty metal, powder coated housing or in a lighter, UV resistant plastic housing, and include a grounded power cord.

Great price: Compact, quiet, easy installation, certified to CSA?and UL standards and a 5 year warranty. These fans are an unbeatable value. Save even more when you purchase one of our Can Combos.

No guess work: Rated for continuous operation, Can Fans can be used in commercial or residential applications. Our fans are paired with Can-Filters to give True CFM.

Excellent customer support: You can be assured that you will receive only the best in customer support and product information from Can-Fan. They pride ourselves on producing only the best.

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