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Could I use two axial fans in a Dr90 one for intake one for outake if I'm running an led light that doesn't generate much heat or should I go with an inline. -vince could use axial fans....but generally I would use those for air circulation within the tent, your best option is to go with a lower cfm 4' inline fan for you intake and exhaust -Greners Staff

I have a 48" x 48" x 70" inch grow tent, can I use your 4 inch fans as a intake and exhaust? -Illis526

I would definitely use one 4" inline fan exhausting from the grow tent with a passive intake rather than 2x Axial Fans! Your air exchange rate will be much higher. -Greners Staff

Axial Fan with Cord


Product Information

These excellent quality axial fans can be used in any application where ventilation/air movement is required. They are very reliable and will provide years of trouble-free use. Includes detachable power cord.

1 year warranty

Available sizes:

  • 3.25" diameter, 25 CFM
  • 4.5" diameter, 112 CFM
  • 6" diameter, 235 CFM
  • 8" diameter, 647 CFM
  • 10"diameter, 806 CFM

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