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Is there a limit on the number of hours the fan should run without cooling? -Jack Neugebauer

For fans and EcoPlus Inline Duct Boosters there is no limit on the amount of hours you can run the fan without turning it off. The fan should not overheat from constant use. -Greners Staff

How many amps will this fan pull? -Jack Neugebauer

The 6" EcoPlus Inline Booster Fan will draw 0.65 Amps of current. -Greners Staff

How many watts does the 6" version use? -Ann onYmus

The 6" EcoPlus Inline Duct Booster uses about 77 watts. -Greners Staff

How many watts does the 8'' EcoPlus inline booster use? -Kevin

54 watts -Greners Staff

Could this form of inline fan be hooked directly to a charcoal filter, and still pull the air through efficiently? -Anthony

no this product would not work correctly for that type of usage. a duct booster is used primarily used for long ducting runs so that there is an even flower of air from intake to exhaust. -Greners Staff

Can you vary the speed of this fan? -A Greners Fan

Yes, but you must have a Duct Fan "Speedster" Speed Adjuster! -Greners Staff

EcoPlus Inline Duct Boosters


Product Information


  • Perfect for boosting air flow in long runs of ducting
  • Energy efficient and very quiet
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • 1 year warranty
  • Come completely wired with junction box, strain relief & power cord
  • Fluted on both ends to receive ducting


  • 4" - 70 CFM (Shown in video)
  • 6" - 160 CFM (Shown in video)
  • 8" - 370 CFM
  • 10" - 650 CFM

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