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Are these designed to Blow air or Suck air, Where should they be placed? -D

They work for both blowing and sucking so you can place it on the end that is most convenient for your setup (or in the middle if that works better). -Greners Staff

I have a 500 sq. foot basement that, even with a rebuild, still maintains a musty odor. I want to put a fan at floor level and vent it out the rim joist to draw air from upstairs and move out the basement air. I would appreciate any advice or fan suggestions that you can offer. -Jon

Assuming 8 foot ceilings, that is 4000 cubic feet. A 6" Vortex power fan will draw 452 CFMs, and is capable of evacuating the air in the room every 9 minutes. A 12" powerfan will do the same in three and a half minutes. However, to fully realize these CFMs, you will likely want to connect the fan to a system of ducting with multiple inlets. You can view our ducting parts here: My concern is the source of the musty odors. While fresh air should help, you may have an unseen source of mold or mildew. -Greners Staff

hi i was just curious, does this fan operate on both 120V or 240V power outlets or just 120v? If it does not do you by any chance stock any in 240v? -r

Hello, Vortex power fans only run on 120v outlets. -Greners Staff

How many amps do the Vortex inline fans draw for the 4" 6", 8", 10", and 12" respectively? -Mick

-The 4" Vortex Powerfans pull .65 Amps at 80 watts. -The 6" Vortex Powerfans pull .80 Amps at 100 watts. -The 8" Vortex Powerfans pull 1.60 Amps at 185 watts. -The 10" Vortex Powerfans pull 2.00 Amps at 224 watts. -The 12" Vortex Powerfans pull 3.20 Amps at 400 watts. -Greners Staff

How do I figure out how many CFM's are needed to efficiently ventilate my grow space? -Ron

Multiply your length, height, and width of the grow area, and that is how many CFM's you will need to efficiently ventilate! -Greners Staff

Do these fans come with a thermostat? -KEN WICKETT

No, the Vortex Inline Fans to not come equipped with a thermostat device. -Greners Staff

Do the Vortex Powerfans have a speed control? -Bruce

The Duct Fan "Speedster" Speed Adjuster works great with the Vortex Powerfan's! -Greners Staff

What is the weight of the Vortex Powerfan 6" and the Sunleaves WindTunnel 6"? -Travis

The Vortex Powerfan 6" weighs 14.05 lbs while the Sunleaves WindTunnel 6" weighs 10.85 lbs! -Greners Staff

are inline fans used to pullair inside from outside or outside to inside -billy

Inline fans can be used in either fashion. -Greners Staff

Will these Vortex fans be able to handle hot air? Around the temperature that comes out of a dryer? (I'm not putting it on a dryer but it's the closest thing I can compare to.) -Jay

Yes they can absolutely,this is what they are designed to do. -Greners Staff

What is the overall exterior diameter of the fan housing for the 4 inch model? -J Doyle

The fan housing is 9 1/2" wide on the 4" model. -Greners Staff

Vortex Powerfans


Product Information

Vortex Powerfans are high performance inline duct blowers constructed from quality steel with heavy duty attractive hammertone powdered coat finish. The extended collar allows for easy duct installation and taping. Superior quality and smart design ensure vibration-free operation with balanced motorized impellers with permanently lubricated ball bearings. Include 6' power cords, and galvanized mounting brackets allowing both horizontal and vertical installation.

Other features include:

  • Extended collar and lip, allowing easy duct hook-up
  • Impact resistant, sound absorbing heavy gage steel casing
  • A rustproof hammertone powder coat epoxy finish
  • The permanently lubricated balanced motor ensures long life
  • 100% speed controllable Factory installed 120V power cord
  • A worry free 10 Year Warranty


4"  - 175 CFM
5"  - 204 CFM
6" - 452 CFM
8" - 747 CFM
10" - 790 CFM
12" - 1140 CFM
12" V-Series HO - 2050 CFM
14" V-Series HO - 2905 CFM

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  • VTX400
  • VTX500
  • VTX600
  • VTX800
  • VTX1000
  • VTX1200
  • VTX12XL
  • Vortex Powerfans