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I have a 5' x 5' grow tent with a 1000w light, can I get away with using a 4" Sunleaves WindTunnel connected to the light with an elf filter attached to the end? Will the 4 inch have enough of pulling power to filter the air? -nathan stone

The 4" Sunleaves WindTunnel will definitely have enough power to filter the the air through the Elf filter but it will not provide enough air movement to properly cool the hood meaning that you will run into heat issues. For a 1000w bulb I would recommend using a 6" In-line fan minimum, coupled with a Phresh 550 CFM carbon filter. -Greners Staff

Is the Sunleaves Windtunnel rated for continuous operation? I have an S&P TD-150 mixed flow inline fan and after 3 months of use, it's making a very faint but audible tapping sound. I've cleaned the impeller, but it didn't help so I'm considering purchasing a 6" Windtunnel. -Al

The Sunleaves Windtunnel is rated for continuous operation. -Greners Staff

I'm about to pull the trigger on this fan but wanted a bit of feedback first. My primary concern is noise. Is this the quietest 6" 400+ cfm fan that you carry? I'll be using a fan controller to dial it back to about 2/3 speed. Your input appreciated. -Rod

The WindTunnel is the quietest fan that we sell. As the casing is made of plastic it handles vibrational noise very well. We have been told that when using a speed control with in-line fans that they can sometimes be louder, as you can hear the blades whirring unlike when the fan is running at max speed. -Greners Staff

Hi. I am about to buy the new DR120 II tent and was wondering if you guys think this fan is to large for this tent? I am going to mount it on the inside corner and have it run out to a carbon filter on the outside of the tent. Plan on using a Variac Transformer to lower the fan speed. Also what reflector do you reccommend for the DR120 tent. Im thinking either the XXXL or the Blockbuster. Maybe the Super Sun. All items will be purchased threw you guys since you got the best price. I just want to make sure that i am getting the right items to avoid having to return items. I basically want to know how the pros (you Guys) would outfit this size of a tent. Thanks and God Bless -Janae

The WindTunnel 4" fan would be the best fit for the exhaust/filter fan with the combo I am suggesting here. For the reflector we recommend the Radiant 6" or the Sunspot 6". Use another fan (a 6" duct booster or 4" WindTunnel) to pull the air through the air cooled reflector (pulling from outside and exhausting outside - the tent). With this setup you could use either a 1000 watt or 600 watt grow light. If you are going to use the Super Sun you would run a 400 watt bulb (because you can't air cool it). Please keep the questions coming. -Greners Staff

Are the Windtunnels speed controllable? -Frank

Yes, when you hook the fan up to a speed controller. -Greners Staff

will my 340 cfm inline burn up if i use a filter rated for only 150 cfm? -jake robinson

It will not burn up immediately. But over time it is going to increase the wear and tear on the fan. Also the fan will run hot . Also your filter will not work the way it was designed to; if it is charcoal, some of the charcoal can suck out of it. And, you will not get full 100% filtration. -Greners Staff

I am a first timer to grow closets. I have a 400watt switchable ballast air-cooled HID. Will I need a fan for the light & the filter both, or can one fan somehow be connected to the light and filter? -MacDonald

Most people use two fans, but you can air cool and filter you room with the same fan. Place the filter in your room,if you have the space, attach the fan to your filter then ducting to your lights then ducting out of your room. Filter -->Fan*-->Ducting--> Reflector--> Ducting(Out of grow room). Or if you don"t have space in your grow room you can blow through the filter out side you room. Fan*-->Ducting-->Reflector-->Ducting(Out of grow room)-->Filter. *You can place the fan before of after the Reflector. -Greners Staff

I am purchasing a secret jardin dr120 pro grow tent. I will be using a 400 wat mh/hps bulb w/ some added t5 strip lights. All the bulbs are hortilux with sunleaves ballasts and a sunspot 8 reflector. I would like to use the sunleaves wind tunnel 6 to cool and filter the room. Will this be enough and should I add a small booster fan at the base to bring in fresh air? -josh

Yes, the 6" wind tunnel will cool and filter your tent sufficiently. I would highly recommend using a booster fan to bring in fresh air this will greatly benefit your plants. -Greners Staff

I am planning on using the Premium Arctic Sun 400 watt grow light system in a DR60-II tent. Would it be possible to vent the hood and use an in line charcoal filter with a single 400 cfm fan.......or are 2 fans needed...1 for the hood and another for air filtration? -wulf

First off, 1 400w fixture is not advised in the DR60. The DR-60 is ideal for T5 and CFL setups, but incandescent bulbs are too hot for such a small area. Given the heat you'll encounter, I would say two fans will be needed. However with lower wattage or a larger tent, you could conceivably do this with one fan. You would have your carbon filter hanging in the tent with air being drawn through your fan, into the light, then out the side of the tent. If you opted for two fans you could draw cool fresh air from out side, through your light, then fan and out the other side of the tent, while your carbon filter hung attached to a fan blowing air up and out of the tent through a top vent. -Greners Staff

I'm going to get the Secret Jardin 5' x 5' DR150 tent with a 600w HPS and I was thinking of getting the 4" Sunleaves Windtunnel inline fan and a Phresh filter...should this be good enough or would a booster be needed? -Scott L.

Depending on the ambient temperature in the room where you tent is set up, this should be sufficient, however going with a 6" fan and filter will guarantee enough through flow to keep your environment cool. -Greners Staff

I am setting up to tents, dr 150 and dr90. Dr 150 running a 1000 watt hps in a 6" xxxl hood and dr90 running 400 watt mh in a radiant 6. If ducted together from outside the tents through the lights and back out of the tent will a 6" wind tunnel work? Temps outside the tents is in the low 70's. Thanks as always -Josh -Josh

considering the cubic footage of both tents together, and both lights running at the same time Your best option would be an 8inch wind tunnel -Greners Staff

How many dBa or decibels of noise does the Sunleaves WindTunnel Inline Fan - 4" 200 CFM put out? -Ricky Rios

The Sunleaves WindTunnel Inline Fan - 4" 200 CFM puts out a total of 49 dBa without being attached to any type of ducting. Compare this to a refrigerator hum which puts out 40 dBa. -Greners Staff

Can I place this in a pool heater line? -DALE JAMES

The Sunleaves WindTunnel Inline Fans are only capable of being used with air, if you need a water pump continue to the page provided. -Greners Staff

Sunleaves WindTunnels


Product Information

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For inline ventilation, it doesn’t get any better than the Sunleaves WindTunnel Fans. Permanently sealed and lubricated ball bearings support the zero-resistance blade rotation for smooth, dependable operation. The durable plastic WindTunnel 4 casing also helps to minimize noise production.

  • Quieter operation than metal fans
  • Durable, vibration absorbing material
  • Serious air POWER
  • Energy efficient
  • High volume and pressure
  • Permanently sealed and lubricated bearings
  • Rated for moist environments
  • Installs in any position (Mounting hardware included)
  • Class B thermal protective auto reset
  • Five-Year Warranty

Fan Sizes:

  • 4" Version - Pushing 200 cubic feet per minute, this 120-volt, 40-watt model has a 10” total diameter and 4” opening to accommodate ducting of the same size.
  • 6" Version - Pushing 409 cubic feet per minute, this 120-volt, 70-watt model has an 11” total diameter and 6” opening to accommodate ducting of the same size.
  • 8" Version - Pushing 750 cubic feet per minute, this 120-volt, 120-watt model has a 13.5” total diameter and 8” opening to accommodate ducting of the same size.
  • 10" Version - Pushing 875 cubic feet per minute, this 120-volt, 200-watt model has a 15.75" total diameter and a 10” opening to accommodate ducting of the same size.
  • 12" Version - Pushing 1125 cubic feet per minute, this 120-volt, 170-watt model has a 18.5” total diameter and 12” opening to accommodate ducting of the same size.
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