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Will the flange for a carbon filter fit directly into one of these reducers, or do I need to clamp ducting on as well? -mike

These reducers should fit well with any ducting or filter size the reducer is slightly smaller than it's relative size. IE: 6"= 5 7/8" -Greners Staff

Will a reducer from 6 to 4 fit into a RHydrofarm Radiant hood or will i need a piece of 6 in duct to hood first then to 6 reducer? -john

All duct flanges are meant to be used with ducting. This assures a leak proof connection. -Greners Staff

Duct Reducers


Product Information

Galvanized duct reducers can be used with fans, ducting, air-cooled hoods, and ventilation systems.

14" to 12" - Reducer
12" to 10" - Reducer
10" to 8" - Reducer
8" to 6" - Reducer
6" to 5" - Reducer
6" to 4" - Reducer 
5" to 4" - Reducer

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