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permaduct with clamps top view
  • permaduct with clamps top view

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Does this ducting contain any pinholes and is it completely lightproof? -Roger

The Perma Duct - 25' is completely light proof and does not contain any pinholes! -Greners Staff

For the purpose of noise reduction, is this product better than the ThermoFlo 2000 SR Series? -Bryan Shaffer

No, if you are looking to really reduce noise you need to go with the insulated ducting found here: The insulated ducting will also help keep temperatures more stable as it will not allow heat to escape the ducting. -Greners Staff

Perma Duct With Clamps - 25'


Product Information

Superior performance in premium air ducting. Although it is value priced, it is comparable to the leading premium ducting on the market. This ducting is air-tight, easy to install, and resists tearing and punctures. The smooth interior also aids in noise reduction. Set of 2 stainless steel clamps included. Sold in 25' lengths.

Available in 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" diameters.

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  • permaduct with clamps top view