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Speedster fan speed controller
  • Speedster fan speed controller
  • duct fan speedster speed adjuster in the package

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does the fan just "plug" straight into the device? -conrad

You would plug the Speedster in the power source or wall plug and the fan plugs into the speedster. This way the speedster will control the speed of the fan. -Greners Staff

Hello, I was wondering if these fans are for cooling? If so, shouldn't the Speedster also be a thermostat? Can they be used to regulate temperatures? Or would I need to wire a thermostat separately? Thanks, Steve -stephen

There is a product that does what you describe, search for "Fan Control with Thermostat" on and it will come up. Or try the "COOL-1", but that just turns the fan on and off. -Greners Staff

Hi guys! I'm a little confused about the amperage of this product when It says it handles up to 15 amp, what does it means? How many amps would this product be using while running? Thanks -Th3Jungl3B0y

The speedster can handle up to 15 amps of power. The amount of power being used varies between different inline fans. For example the 10" Max Fan uses 1.9 AMPS so the max power draw would be 1.9 AMPS. The speedster is used to reduce the amount of power running to the fan causing the speed of the fan to slow down. The speedster itself does not draw power it controls the amount of power going to the inline fan. -Greners Staff

I purchased 2 of these controllers and after connecting them to a 6" vortex fan for a day, both variable speed functions stopped working. The fuses are fine and only the full side switch works. If reliability is your selling point, you might reconsider this item. -Bruce

Selling different electronic items across the spectrum of manufacturers and type we have learned that they all break and/or have defective individual units. It is going to happen and you have to chalk it up to bad luck. If your order was placed with us under the backend email used to submit this comment we will start the exchange process for you. -Greners Staff

Will the "Speedster" Duct Fan Speed Adjuster control the 4 inch Active Air in line fan?Ive heard that this controler does not work well or at all with some fans. The product information states that it works with fans 6 inch and larger, what about the 4 inch? I want to get the Active Air 4 inch fan but dont want to get it if it wont do a good job. -Charlie

The issue with the Speedester affects duct booster fans, not inline fans. This should work fine, although make sure that you do not turn the speedster down enough to stop the fan while still providing power. -Greners Staff

Duct Fan "Speedster" Speed Adjuster


Product Information

Works most fans on the market!

  • Variable speed controller
  • Handles up to 15 Amps
  • Comes with 6 foot grounded power cord
  • 1 year warranty
  • Works for in-line  fans 6" and larger

Fans confirmed to work with:

  • Vortex
  • Can Fans
  • Ecoplus
  • Active Air
  • Max Fan
  • Dayton Blowers

In general if a fan describes itself as inline fan the controller will probably work with it. The Speedster controller works with "coil driven" (technically Armature drive / motor) fans. These are brush-type motors, not for use with brsh-less, capacitor-run , or magnetic drive motors. 

It does not work with the Axial fans (like what you see on computer cases) or small booster fans (like the 4" duct boosters and 4" inline fans).

Cotroller fuctions by altering voltage and not the frequency of the AC waveform. 

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  • Speedster fan speed controller
  • duct fan speedster speed adjuster in the package