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i have a eco plus 1 4 hp. waterchiller with a 40 gal res. since the cooler is so large it tends to short cycle,in the instructions it says you can adjust starting temp differance from 2 to 3 to 4f. How do you adjust this,i think it will help with the cycling set at 4.f. What is your thoughts, thank you for your time Billy. -Billy

In the manual it says. Setting the starting temperature difference: 1) Press the “SET” button for ten seconds to enter into the temperature adjustment function, then press “SET” again to adjust the temperature difference. 2) Press the "p" button and the system will exit in ten seconds displaying the water temperature. 3) Press the "q" button to set the starting temperature difference, you can adjust by 1°F increments with each press, the starting temperature range is 2°F, 3°F or 4°F. -Greners Staff

What is the effective chill rate and ability of these units? -Cook

We have added more specs to the product description that will show you what the cooling ability is for each of these chillers. However, measuring the rate at which you will be able to cool your reservoir is a bit different since the efficiency of the chiller is a curve. With an ambient temperature of 89.5 degrees, The 1/10thHP chiller will cool your solution down from 89.5 to 86 degrees in the first hour. It will take four hours to drop from 64.5 to 63. This performance curve is available in the EcoPlus Chiller manual which can be downloaded at the link below. -Greners Staff

EcoPlus Water Chillers


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Allow all Chillers to set upright on their feet for 30 minutes prior to plugging in.

The EcoPlus® Chillers are suitable for use in reservoirs, hydroponic systems & fresh or saltwater aquariums. Each chiller provides a high performance titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance. High quality made compressor is extremely efficient and reliable. The micro computer with digital LCD display allows for easy operation. Use with a pump filter bag (product #728188 or # 728190). One year limited warranty on all EcoPlus® chillers. Allow all Chillers to set upright, on their feet, for 30 minutes prior to plugging in.



1/10 HP

  •  Fittings are 1/2” and the BTU is 950.
  •  120V-60Hz/280 watts/2.3 amps.
  •  Capable of Chilling: 93 gal - 10° F/35 gal - 30° F.
  •  Pump Size: Minimum 132 GPH/Maximum 264 GPH.

1/4 HP

  • Fittings are 3/4" and the BTU is 2200.
  • 120V-60Hz/480 watts/4 amps.
  • Capable of Chilling: 170 gal - 10° F/100 gal - 30° F.
  • Pump Size: Minimum 633 GPH/Maximum 1056 GPH.

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