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 Recycle Wasted Energy with GROSAVE

The GroSave unit works by reducing the amount of power that you draw from your utility company. Electric motors draw much more power than they consume. This extra power creates the electromagnetic field that allows the motor to run. It is then dissipated in the form of line loss. This power is sent back through your breaker box and meter until it reaches a transformer. The process repeats itself 60 times every second. The GroSave unit intercepts this once wasted power and recycles it back into the system. As all of your motors operate this power is “pulled” and “pushed” to and from the GroSave unit by the motors, therefore the amount of power required from the utility company is greatly reduced. You’re A/C unit, refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, chillers, fans and pumps will use substantially less electricity and run 10 degrees cooler.


200 #2000 Most  common residential unit  $399.99
100 #1001 Common Commercial Unit  $999.99

    • Single Phase
    • Utilizes Self-Healing Low Loss Capacitors         
    • 25 Year Design Life
    • 20 Year Warranty
    • Surge Suppression - 2000 Joules
    • Typical Protection From:  Electrical Storms,  Lightning Activity and Power Utility Spikes
    • Let Through Voltage - 150V line-to-neutral
    • Load Rating - 200 Amp
    • Six-Way Electrical Protection
    • EMI / RFI Noise Reduction 0-40 dB
    • UL, and CSA Listed
    • LEED Certified
    • ROHS Compliant




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    GroSave Single Phase

    Recycle wasted electricity. Pays for itself through usage savings.

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    GroSave Triple Phase

    Recycle Wasted Electricity. Pays for itself through usage savings.