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What is the k value (in degrees) of the Digilux 600 watt MH bulb and where is it made (country). -craig cheek

We don't believe there are any k values disclosed by C.A.P. who makes the product, but here is their information pdf: The Digilux bulbs are made in China. -Greners Staff

Will this work well in a Lumatek 600W Digital Ballast HPS/MH 120V/240V Dimmable & Multi-Watt? Is there a better MH bulb for this ballast? -Six

yes, this will work in any digital ballast. Another excellent MH bulb for e-ballasts is the Sun Pulse Pulse Start Metal Halide, particularly the 6.4k. -Greners Staff

Digilux 600W MH Grow Light


Product Information

Digilux Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs are favored by growers because of the wide color spectrum and efficiency. They are engineered for use in digital ballasts and feature enhanced red and orange spectrums (HPS) blue spectrums (MH), better color uniformity, longer bulb life, and less lumen depreciation.

Digilux bulbs are hot start approved and can be used in both vertical and horizontal fixtures. DigiLux lamps offer superior performance compared to traditional metal halide and H.P.S. lamps.

Digilux MH bulbs deliver 25% more energy in the red and orange spectrums as well as 25% more energy in the blue, violet, and green spectrums for the HPS bulbs.

Digilux 600w M.H. Digital Bulb: 75,000 Lumens

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