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I purchased a set of yo yo's awhile back and installed them properly. I was not impressed. They are far from heavyduty and a pain to adjust anywhere near easily. One side is always different from the other in adjustments needed and the pressure needed from the tightening screws provided. Anyone would be better off going to a hardware store and buying the things they need for a previously planned lighting adjustment system. Live and learn I suppose. Sincerely Samuel -Samuel

Thank you for your comment. For when yo-yos are not right we recommend - we have tested these extensively and they stand the test of hard use. -Greners Staff

Grow Yo-Yo


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The Grow Yo-Yo allows the user to easily adjust the height of their reflectors as their plants grow. Also makes spraying of trimming your plants easy by being able to raise a reflector up and out of the way. Weight capacity is 22 lbs. per pair.

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