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I was wondering if the 25L of Hydroton would be enough to fill 36 net cups in the Aeroflo2 36 system or is 50L needed? -JC

25 liters will fill about 125 of the 3" net cups used in the Aeroflo2. -Greners Staff

What exactly is Hydroton and why is it used as a growing medium? -gerrard

Hydroton are small clay pebbles made from expanded clay, creating very small air pockets within the clay itself. They are pH neutral, increase amount of aeration, and are completely sterile and reusable. -Greners Staff

How much Hydroton will be needed to fill a 4' x 8' grow table? -shane

300L of Hydroton is needed to fill a 4' x 8' flood & drain table! -Greners Staff

Would 5 liters of Hydroton be enough for four 6" net pot lids? -Barrett

I would recommend getting at least 10 liters of Hydroton for your 6' net pots! -Greners Staff

What exactly is Hydroton and why do people like it? -Bill

Hydroton is used as a grow medium in which your plants can grow vigorously within all sorts of hydroponics setups! Although it looks like a rock it is actually an expanded clay product with the perfect amount of water retention/aeration, PH neutral, as well as completely sterile and reusable which has made it very popular in the growing community! -Greners Staff



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***Note: Hydroton has been discountinued and is now being replaced by Plant It which is very similar, costs the same and is viable alternative***

Compared to normal soil Hydroton/Plant it offers many advantages. The material is not only completely clean and odorless, it is the ideal round shape. Hydroton/Plant it ensures good root aeration, prevents rotting, prevents excess acidity and prevents soil pests. It is made of clay with high water storage properties and balanced capillary action to accelerate plant growth.

  • Clean and dust free
  • Strong pebble structure doesn't crush
  • Color packaging
  • 8-16mm pebble size range


Note:  Shipping soil can be extremely expensive! Please take this into account when ordering soil for shipment. 

Thank you,

Greners Staff

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