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Top view of the active aqua air pump
  • Top view of the active aqua air pump

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Hello, I have the same Active Aqua Air Pump. And I was wondering, does it matter how high or low you keep the Air Control? -Nick Podgers

You can set the air pump to the desired amount of air flow you want going through your tank. As the tank size increases your amount of air flow should increase as well. -Greners Staff

What diameter hose do I need for the 2 outlet 7.8l/min unit use? Thanks -O. P. Holder

3/16" inside diameter hose. -Greners Staff

For a 1 outlet Active Aqua Airpump, what size hose does it require? What diameter small airstone should I use? -makaveli

All these air pumps use 1/4" airline. It depends on the size of your reservoir for which air stone to use. For this air pump I would use either 6" air stone, Small Round Air stone or Micro-Pore Single. The more expensive air stones have smaller more even bubbles and last longer. -Greners Staff

Is the 2 outlet 7.8 L/min sufficient enough to oxygenate a 40 gallon res. with a double micro-pore air diffuser? If not which air pump would you suggest? -Kats

Yes, that would be sufficient, provided the air stones gave enough coverage. -Greners Staff

Would this stay on 24 hours a day in a deep water culture set up. -Malik foster

Yes, these pumps can run 24 hours a day. -Greners Staff

Active Aqua Air Pumps


Product Information

The Active Aqua line of air pumps are an economical solution for your aeration needs.

  • Super silent with multi-level muffler
  • Special artificial rubber to keep a steady air flow output and
  • Pressure that can be adjusted freely (except single outlet)
  • Low power consumption
  • Air outlets are built in - no extra parts required

Available in 4 models:

  • 1 outlet - 3.2 L/min (liters per minute)
  • 2 outlet - 7.8 L/min
  • 4 outlet - 15 L/min
  • 8 outlet - 16 L/min

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  • Top view of the active aqua air pump