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Is the EZ-Clone easy to use? Does the EZ-Clone produce enough to justify the costs? Is it reliable and are there any major problems with it? I see no reviews and need some input before making a major purchase. -jason

Yes, it is very easy to use. They are reliable and have no problems. We had somebody here try to make a cloner so we could answer that question for people and it was a mess, it did not work well at all. They are worth it in our opinion. There are basic things like easily being able to take the top on and off without water getting all over that are designed into these systems. Maybe you could perfect one, but then with that time and money you could buy a perfect one already. We have customers that buy them for all their gardens. People who use them love them. That said some people who are experienced use cut trays with rockwool cubes in them - it takes more attention but it is cheaper. Depends how much money you have. You can clone at a good percentage without one. -Greners Staff

I just discovered the ez cloner. It looks like a good piece of work.however, im slightly confused on how to use you put the clones in the custom neoprene collars instantly after cutting them and dipping them in cloning compound? Or do you have to put them somewhere else for a few days before putting them there? -Markus

Make a nice clean cut, dip them as you said, then put them right in. That is all you have to do. =) -Greners Staff

What do you do with you cutting once the roots develop? Do I just stick the roots straight into a roclwool cube or soil? Or is this system best used with hydroponic systems? -Brandon A

You can transplant into any type of medium that you like. For Rockwool you'll need cubes with holes and macro plugs. For soil planting and Hydroton planting just place the bare roots into meduim and make sure they stay wet. Using the EZ cloner is better for hydroponic use because you can get larger and stronger cuttings which are more viable when put into hydroponic system. -Greners Staff

The EZ-cloner 60. What are the power specs amps/volts/watts thanks -ron mayberry

All of the EZ-Clone use the same size pumps. The water pumps is .58 Amps, 120v and 70 watts. The air pumps is .025amps, 120v and 3 Watts. So together the EZ Clone 60 pulls .6 amps and 73 Watts running at 120 volts. -Greners Staff

I just bought one , what lights are best per 60 site? -nick

Clones do not need the intense light that vegetative or fruiting plants do, so T-5s are ideal for this purpose. Depending on the time you plan on keeping the clones rooting in the Cloner, I would suggest a 4 or 8 bulb 2 foot T5 light with grow spectrum bulbs. -Greners Staff

EZ Clone Machine 64 Plant Sites


Product Information

EZ Clone Cloning Systems - introducing the next generation in cloning technology!

  • 64 cutting units
  • Easy to use - start cloning in minutes
  • Root in 5 days with 100% success
  • Get guaranteed results now!

Standard Features:

  • Custom neoprene collars to hold cuttings in place.
  • High flow-rate irrigation System
  • External Air Intake System
  • Leak Resistant Lid
  • Deep Lid Base for Easy Access

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