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CO2 Brands Choose trusted names:

A) Plants can quickly use the available CO2 in a low airflow room. It is vital to keep fresh air moving around your plants so they have the CO2 needed to grow.
B) Temperature and Humidity will be measured separately but you will want to control them in conjunction. Humidity affects the ability of diseases and pests to take foot in your garden. Temperature & Humidity together affect the ability of your plants to take up CO2 from the air and how they retain H2O.


pH is one of the most important components of a healthy garden. If your pH is off significantly you may as well not be fertilizing or doing many of the other things to grow successfully.


PPM (parts per million) and TDS (total dissolved solids) cannot be measured directly without labratory tools. Instead electrical conductivy (EC) is read and converted by the reader to a give an estimate on the TDS or PPM display. That is why sometimes they are called PPM meters, sometimes EC, and sometimes TDS -- each is the same type of meter most often.