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Where can I find the instruction manual for the Sentinel CHHC-4 Day/Night Total Environmental Controller? -jannese petersen

The instruction manual for the Sentinel CHHC-4 Day/Night Total Environmental Controller can be found at the link provided below! -Greners Staff

Sentinel CHHC-4 Day/Night Total Environmental Controller


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The Sentinel Temperature, Relative Humidity and CO2 Controller eliminates guesswork while it controls indoor garden environments with accuracy, and this upgraded version is even better than the original! It uses an even more accurate CO2 sensor, a more powerful CPU, a removable remote probe assembly, a moisture-resistant housing, and plant-friendly green LED function lights. It features an easy-to-read LED display and simple buttons to enter the desired PPM settings and display the current PPM reading. It can also be connected to other controllers so that the CO2 is disabled, and it can be operated in Fuzzy-Logic mode (for compressed CO2), or ON-OFF (for CO2 generators). It also has the ability to control 3 other devices, a cooling device, a heating device and humidity device. 

Controls every environmental condition. Cooling, heating, humidity and CO2 all coordinated into one easy-to-use and reliable controller. Separate day and night settings. Select Fuzzy-logic mode or change to Generator mode when using a CO2 generator. The combo temperature, humidity, CO2 and light sensor assembly allows the user to place the sensor up to 16' from the main controller. 15A @ 120v

Sentinel has taken digital accuracy and combined it with ease of use. Its one-touch functions make using its products easy. Gone are complex sub menus that are confusing and time consuming to navigate. Many of its products will serve more than one function (such as heating or cooling control) making them extremely flexible and capable of being used in many situations. All Sentinel products were designed to maintain a very high degree of reliability while performing critical functions. In some cases Sentinel offers innovative designs that are so unique there really are no other products available for comparison.

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