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is dry koolbloom ok for plants grown in soil in a pot and what is the application rate (teaspoons per gallon ?) thanks Harry -Harry Wagner

Usage: ΒΌ teaspoon per gallon. ( 1.25 grams per 4 liters. ) Soil: Add KoolBloom to irrigation water or in addition to a regular feeding program. -Greners Staff

Dry KoolBloom


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Dry KoolBloom™
Ripening Formula

Dry KoolBloom™ encourages abundant flowering and facilitates ripening in annuals.It boosts production of essential oils and fragrances and increases size and weight of fruits and flowers. Precisely formulated to boost potency and enhance the performance of all types of nutrients.

Dry KoolBloom is packed with the potency your plants prefer in the final stages of flowering for raging weight gain and ripening to perfection. The ingredients that make Dry KoolBloom unique will make your fruits swell, while exponentially increasing the production of essential oils and floral fragrance.

Dry KoolBloom is rich in phosphorous and potassium, fortified by our own secret ingredients. This blend enhances production of essential oils and fragrances by mildly stressing plants during the formation of fruits and flowers.

Dry KoolBloom is used during the second phase of reproductive growth in conjunction with Liquid KoolBloom, which is used at the start of flowering. The KoolBloom Combo--Start with the Liquid…Finish with the Dry.

Available in 4 ounce, 2.2 pound and 16 pound sizes.

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