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Concerning ecoplus air pumps: How do they compare to an identical, or at least apparently similarly designed air pumps put out by Petco Inc.? Why is there such a difference in watts ie. their model AC-9904 which at 5 W they claim 9.0 l/min and 2.03 psi? The ecoplus Eco Air 4 runs at 12 W for 9.0 l/min at 1.75 psi? Please explain in detail what is really different. Michael -Michael

The EcoPlus air pumps are different from the Petco brand air pump. Two different manufactures and are designed differently. Comparing the two together they both accomplish the same task. The only way to correctly find out is to contact the manufacture for specs on the design. If each unit is designed differently they will have different variations in power consumption and output. -Greners Staff

EcoPlus Round Air Stones


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Use With 1/4" Tubing

Each stone is individually bagged with header card.

Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Staff Oppinion: "These are the best and most economical air stones for your buck. They are long lasting and do not break down." 

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